Here we’ve organized a handful of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that’s not handled here, please reach out through any of the methods listed on our contact page.

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What is the history of Chatham Village® Croutons? Is Chatham Village a real place?

Like many of the T. Marzetti Company brands, Chatham Village Croutons got its start in a restaurant in Massachusetts. For the full story, visit the Our Story page.

Where can I find the best by date on Chatham Village® Croutons? How do you read the date?

The Best By date code should be located on the back of the package, near the middle of the bag. The date code will look like the following: “Best by Monthddyy Facility Production Line”. So for example, Best by Mar0813 CH BX3, would be a best by date of March 8, 2013, plant code would be “CH” and Production Line is BX3.

Where can I buy Chatham Village Croutons?

Chatham Village® Croutons can be found along the East Coast of the United States as well as in Sam’s Clubs. Please use our Where To Buy tool to find your favorite flavor in a grocery store near you.

Are there coupons available for Chatham Village® Croutons?

Please check your local retail grocery stores for in-store savings on Chatham Village Croutons. We do not provide online coupons for this brand at this time.

How large is a Large Cut Crouton?

A large cut crouton is close in size as you see on the package — it’s bigger than many small, cubed sized competitive croutons. When Chatham Village Croutons first came on the market, the Large Cut variety was the largest on the market. These days many consumers consider them “just normal”. They are are still bite-sized and packed with flavor.

What is the difference between Large Cut and Traditional Cut croutons?

We define a traditional cut crouton as a variety of croutons that are usually rectangular or square, yet not all uniform in size and shape. A Large Cut crouton is bigger than a traditional cut crouton, but it is still bite sized. Regardless of cut, the Chatham Village croutons are deliciously crunchy.

What is an UPC Code?

  1. A UPC code is how Chatham Village identifies each product. The UPC is the barcode on the packaging, devised of 12 digits. When contacting Chatham Village regarding a product, please be sure to have this 12 digit number as it will make it easier to address your questions.

UPC example:

upc - FAQUPC Code sample 300x208 - FAQ